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Time-Honored Practices for the Modern Yogi

Heartfulness is a meditative approach to yoga that encourages simultaneous exploration of one’s physical, mental and spiritual space. By infusing gentle asanas, breathing and meditation with heart-based intentions you will find increased self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Meditation + Yoga

Yoga and meditation combined in one practice strengthen physical health and mental stability, enhancing inner harmony. You’ll gain confidence in your choices and deepen your connection with yourself and your loved ones.

How Is Heart-Based Yoga Distinctive?

As you learn to tune your attention to your heart center, you become sensitive to your subtle condition. The body relaxes, the mind becomes calm and you are naturally able to sit in meditation.


Try Heartful Yoga



Try Heartfulness yoga with simple pranayama breathing techniques.

• Helps prepare for meditation
• Can be practiced anytime

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