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Research demonstrates that education that includes social and emotional learning has a wide range of positive impacts on academic performance, relationship skills, mental wellness and more. Heartfulness Program for Schools meets CASEL’s Promising Program designation and meets or exceeds most of CASEL’s criteria for high-quality SEL programming.

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Effects of Heartfulness’ Signature Programs for Schools

Heartfulness Institute collaborates with researchers studying the effects of Heartfulness tools and programs, following the highest ethical and scientific standards.

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The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Noteworthy Honor for Scholarship or College Applications

Heartfulness Institute is an official certifying organization for this prestigious award, which recognizes role models who are making a positive impact as engaged and deeply committed volunteers. Service hours can be accumulated on a variety of projects throughout the year. The PVSA is awarded annually at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.

To track and record your volunteer hours towards the PVSA award, please use this form.

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Heartfulness meditation helps to relieve my stress. Being a high schooler, stress is inevitable. But meditation gives me space, freeing me of tension. This practice helps to clear my mind and instills calmness. Investing time in meditation is worth it because it sets me in the direction of having a productive rest of my day.


I have been practicing Heartfulness meditation for about a year now and it has really helped me in numerous ways. Being a high-school student is obviously very stressful with all the workload but by practicing Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation, I’ve been able to cope with my stress.


Training program for educators was very interactive and the content presented was very engaging.


The training program ‘Train the Trainer’ was conducted very professionally.


It’s helpful to have access to programs so teachers can use the content in classrooms. HPS Posters are very interesting and can be easily used in the classroom.


I feel more confident after the Trainers program and can start conducting the Relaxation with my children.


I enjoyed the experience of getting to relax and really take my mind off of everything going on in life. The exercises helped me really calm down and enjoy the process of taking my mind off all my other classes. I think the experience was very beneficial as a whole and I appreciate it.

Zach L

Overall, it was a great experience and very chill and relaxing and I would try meditation again during a stressful time when a lot is going on with work & life.

Zach R

I enjoyed the different strategies to make us feel calm, relaxed and stress-free.

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