Heartfulness Institute is a global nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million meditators in over 130 countries. Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques are studied and proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness. Our mission is to encourage self-development, stress management, and an evolution of consciousness through a heart-centered lifestyle.

Today, humanity faces the COVID-19 pandemic and the most vulnerable sections of our society face heightened health and financial risks. Your donation, large or small, will help us to respond to the need of the hour. Currently, Heartfulness Institute has collected $20,075 as of June 1st, with donations to the Fremont, CA Police Department, Novi Community Coalition in Detroit, and Renaissance Charter in New York City. 

Heartfulness Yoga School offers training in the traditional art of yoga including yoga philosophy, physical poses, breathing practices, and techniques of meditation

Wellness programs for corporate employees to learn to relax and rejuvenate, in order to lower stress in the workplace and improve productivity and teamwork

Heartfulness relaxation and meditation programs for children to improve their creativity, interest in learning and observational abilities

Heart/Mind Techniques

Explore Heartfulness relaxation and meditation practices

1. Relax

Learn a simple relaxation technique that you can practice before you start meditation, or as a restorative and refreshing booster break.

2. Meditate

Connecting with the heart means delving into a silent source of openness and peace, witnessing non-judgementally.

3. Rejuvenate

Be in a state of mental rejuvenation and lightness by removing the stressful impressions from undesireable interactions of the day.

4. Contemplate

Through Heartfulness techniques, we are led to a state of inner-connection and strength. The mind is given the freedom to introspect, observe,  inspire and create.

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Watch best-selling international author, Joshua Pollock, co-author of "The Heartfulness Way", speak about the impact of meditation on increasing focus, reducing stress and creating inner-peace.


Heartfulness Institute addressed the effects of heart-based meditation on burnout and stress over a 12-week period within the healthcare industry. Participants experienced:


  • significant decrease in burnout

  • significant increase in joy, calmness, harmony, tolerance, confidence, sleep quality and other positive attributes

  • significant decrease in anger, stress, anxiety, cynicism, fear, and other negative attributes

The study is published in the Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives. 

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