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Teach Yoga
from the Heart

Heartfulness Yoga School​

Heartfulness Yoga School offers training in the traditional art of yoga including yoga history and philosophy, physical poses, breathing practices, and techniques of meditation. Our mission is to encourage self-development, teach life skills such as stress management and promote the evolution of consciousness through a heart-centered and integrated lifestyle.


Heart-based Learning

In Heartfulness, personal development comes with the expansion of the heart’s qualities nourished by simple practices. Through these gentle practices, students in a Heartfulness Yoga class are encouraged to turn their attention inward and stay in tune with themselves through their heart center. With practice, students develop their inner sensitivity and feel the effects on increasingly subtle levels. As one’s body relaxes, the mind calms down, and by the end of the a class, one is naturally able to sit comfortably in meditation.


The heart has long been known by yogis as the starting point for spiritual evolution. Heartfulness meditation uses the universally available vibration of the heart to help you experience  deeper realms in your practice and subtler levels of wisdom. This process leads to transformation of thoughts and actions, resulting in a more harmonious lifestyle.


Heartfulness Yoga Courses and Retreats


The Heartfulness 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is happening online.

Heartfulness Yoga Teacher Training

Course: Yoga TTC-200

Online September 19 - November 14, 2021

Eight weeks online

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course starts with 6 weeks of self-managed study and practice and ends with a 2-week live immersion program, all delivered online. The schedule is adapted to accommodate people in all North American time zones.

Heartfulness Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance.

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To learn more about Heartfulness Yoga Training, contact:

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