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Impact of Heartfulness Meditation on Stress 

What is the purpose of this research study?

We want to learn more about helping all adult individuals in the community to cope better with stress especially during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.  This study will help us learn more about using meditation to help.  This study will also be assessing the effect of meditation on level of stress and quality of sleep.

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Will it cost me anything to be in the study?


Will being in this study help me in any way?

Learning the meditation skills that are part of this study may help you to cope better with stress but this cannot be guaranteed.

Will I be paid for my time?


Do I need Internet service at my home or office in order to participate in this study?

Yes.  You will require reliable high-speed Internet service in order to attend secured online video education and virtual meditation sessions.

You will be provided detailed instructions and necessary sensitive information such as meeting identification number and password in advance to join the video sessions.

How long will the study take?

The entire study will last 8 weeks, starting September 28, 2020 to November 22, 2020.

What happens if I say yes, I want to be in the study?

  • We will ask you to provide information before you begin the meditation classes.  We will ask you identifying information including name, gender, age, profession.  We will ask you to tell us if anything that might hinder your participation in the study.

  • You will be required to complete online surveys at the beginning of study, at 4 weeks and at the end of a study period.

  • You will be provided information about the details of meditation practice with introductory package prior to the study.

  • There will also be an introductory talk on meditation, and we will go over the details of the practice and the study. It includes a simple individual practice which you can do at home and virtual group meditation practice sessions with a certified Heartfulness trainer.

  • Virtual group meditation sessions are conducted 7 days a week with an expectation for you to attend a minimum of 2 session per week to a maximum of 7 sessions a week.

  • You will attend classes to the best of your ability and do the home assignments to the best of your ability.

What happens if I say yes, but change my mind later?

You may withdraw from the study at any time. There will be no negative impact on you in any way.

Will my personal information be protected and remain confidential?

Yes (Informed consent will provide further details)

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone who is 18 and above and interested.

What is the deadline to enroll?

Enrollment is currently closed.

To learn more about the Heartfulness Institute Research Initiative, contact:

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