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Professional Programs
Confident Businesswoman


Heartfulness Institute has developed a series of meditation workshops for professionals and businesses. Participants learn to develop calmness from within, leading to better concentration, inner balance and true wellness of being. This can help them achieve:


  • More focus and commitment

  • Emotional resilience: reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Increased capacity for wise choices and empathetic leadership

  • Teams that are better integrated and more effective

  • A happier, healthier work environment

Simple and Practical Workshops

Relax & Reflect - Intro to Meditation

  • Relaxation and Meditation introductory session, typically 30-50 minutes

  • Kick-off team meetings

  • Thought starter for wellness programs

  • Phone, video and in-person sessions

Experience Heart-Based Meditation

  • Experience multi-week workshops with group meditation

  • Learn deeper meditation and awareness techniques and tips

  • Weekly guidance and support 

  • Phone, video and in-person sessions

Sustainable Meditation Practice

  • Dive deeper over an extended period of time and experience the sustained benefits of meditation

  • Rotate in refresher workshops to expose meditation to new associates and to further review meditation techniques

  • Phone, video and in-person sessions

Meditation for Professionals

To learn more about Heartfulness meditation professionals, contact:

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