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Meditation - Keeping It Simple

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

I had an introductory call with an HR professional this morning about opportunities for the Heartfulness Institute to participate in their corporate events for the upcoming year. This HR professional mentioned that in one meditation workshop the company offered, several employees walked out during the meditation session. I wonder what had happened at this event that turned off so many people. Had the meditation session been too long? Maybe the employees hadn’t understood how to do the practice. Maybe there was wrong expectation set.

If we take a look, at the individual level, at why someone might be struggling with meditation, there could be several reasons. Meditation for most professionals is still a new concept. Most people now have heard of meditation and they believe it is something they should at least attempt to practice in order to offset a very stressful work‒life environment. While there is a growing demand and need for meditation programs within the corporate world, those of us who offer instruction in meditation have to be mindful of our approach, no pun intended, particularly when working with newcomers.

My suggestion is to keep meditation simple.

The modern corporate associate leads a hectic life. They are juggling multiple demands at work, and very likely in their home life as well . Most employees are looking for hope and relief, and they would like to find a way to naturally bring down their stress levels and to feel more integrated within themselves.

A simple 10-minute Relaxation & Meditation Exercise

Two very simple Heartfulness techniques combined into one exercise, lasting only ten minutes, may be a perfect solution for employees. This guided meditation first provides simple instructions and guidance to relax the body. This simple relaxation “body scan” focuses on relaxing all areas of the body, going from your feet to the top of the head, and then finally resting in the heart. This simple technique benefits a person in a couple of ways – first to calm the mind, we must relax the body first. Secondly, we are taking a few minutes to “get out of the head,” which is where most employees spend their day! Once we shift our focus from the mind to the body, our thoughts begin to mellow out. This relaxation exercise is very simple, yet the results are palpable.

As mentioned, the exercise invites the practitioner to rest in the heart for a few moments. With time, this shift into the heart becomes the perfect resting spot for the mind and this mind-heart connection begins to grow in a very natural way, leaving one with a deep relaxed feeling and a sense of wonder. This meditation break gives the rest and rejuvenation employees need – in only 10 minutes! Call-center employees, the marketing and sales folks, IT engineers and programmers, C-level executives and summer interns, all can benefit from this simple exercise.

I would like to share this 10-minute video with all HR teams and employees. This can be played before team calls, as a kick-off to a corporate meeting, or as a personal booster break whenever needed.

Let me know what you think of the video. We would love to get your feedback on how meditation is helping employees at your work.

Best Regards,

Christopher Mills

Heartfulness Institute

10-minute Heartfulness Relaxation & Meditation Exercise

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