The Heartful Leader PROGRAM

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

- Albert Einstein

Humanity, and organizations, are going through unprecedented change.

This change is…


32% of organizations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure.


Gartner 2020 HR Leader Survey



72% of CFO’s believe work flexibility will make their company better in the long run. 


PWC US CFO Pulse 2020 Survey


65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. 

The World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs 2017


72% CEOs believe the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the previous 50 years.

KPMG CEO 2019 Survey


43% of companies with diverse boards noticed higher profits and over a 3-year period cash flow per employee was 2.3 times higher

BCG Henderson Institute



The Heartful Leader PROGRAM

To navigate through unprecedented change, Heartfulness Institute is offering an immersive leadership development program to high-potential managers, educators and officials that focuses on growth dimensions to deliver transformative change, build inclusive teams, and generate exponential outcomes. 

We are a diverse group of Heartful Leaders who have served as executives, coaches and leaders at across a wide range of organizations, and we have also been meditating for twenty years or more.  In our experience, the ability to tap into the heart's potential is a direct enabler of leadership excellence that can transform individuals, teams and entire organizations. We are delighted to offer this unique developmental program that blends leadership training with the wisdom of contemplative practices to equip high potential individuals with essential skills, perspectives and tools for an ever-changing, increasingly demanding workplace.    

Heartful Leader Development

  • Improve Poise & Equanimity

  • Build Trusted Relationships

  • Grow in Resilience

  • Build Meaningful Relationships

  • Enhance one’s Personal Brand

  • Generate Positive Influence

Program Overview

  • Seven in-person sessions over 5 weeks

  • Simple and experiential mindful and heartful habit practices

  • Leader-to-Leader conversations based on prior-week reflection and future-week commitment

Our Four Guiding Principles

Inner state is our foundation for what we are and what we

Outer behavior is the fruit of genuine inner change

Trust comes from authenticity, integrity, capability and relatability

Influence is the ability to persuade through inspiration

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