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Heartful Communication Facilitators

All Heartful Communication training events within HFN will be led by HC Facilitators.

At this time, we have identified only a small handful of abhyasis who have previous extensive experience of working with NVC. As we grow the team of Facilitators, we ask for help with identifying potential candidates:

We are looking for abhyasis with

  • An excellent standard of English,

  • An empathic, supportive approach with people,

  • Experience of facilitation of group process, and/or teaching NVC in other settings.

Please reply/comment below, to recommend candidates.

Heartful Communication is coordinated by a Steering Team

A small international team has been formed to guide and develop the Heartful Communication initiative, composed of abhyasis with in-depth experience and understanding of both HFN and NVC.


To date, Liz Kingsnorth (UK and India) is leading this initiative, in collaboration with Maja Bengtson (USA and Sweden),

Paul Pasternak (Canada) and Laeticia Hervy (USA, France, and India). Others may be invited to join.

Responsibilities of the team include:

  • Developing curriculum and methodology of training offerings

  • Coordinating the integration of NVC into Heartfulness way of being

  • Developing training and assessment of HC Facilitators, who will teach and support others

  • Advising and collaborating with functionaries on:

    • Logistics of HC training events

    • Engaging services of external NVC trainers

    • Content of training publicity

    • Engaging with HC Facilitator candidates

IMPORTANT:  Please contact the Steering Team – in reply/comment below – before offering HC or NVC training at a HFN center!

Heartful Communication


NVC for the Heartfulness Meditation Community

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