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  • What is the website for Heartfulness Schools? (Note the school word is plural)
  • What is the ‘Heartfulness Program for Schools’?
    “Heartfulness Program for Schools” is part of a non-profit organization Heartfulness Institute registered in the USA. ‘Heartful Program for Schools’ offers comprehensive training, support, content, and curriculum for the school community. Programs benefit teachers, parents, and K-12 students. The training programs bring awareness to heartful living and provide an evidence-based SEL program recommended by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning).
  • WHY: How does it help if a school partners with ‘Heartful Schools’?
    Schools that partner with 'Heartful Schools' embrace practices for Teachers, Staff, and students to raise their awareness of the inner self and practice heart-centered living. ‘Heartful Schools’ has conducted research programs to prove an increase in wellbeing and reduction in stress through its curriculum designed for heart-centered living. For research study and more about Heartful Schools, visit
  • What is the goal of Heartful Schools?
    Heartful Schools plans to equip school communities with tools and techniques that promote a heart-based nurturing environment focusing on relaxation, positivity, and developing growth mindsets. 2025 Target Enable 2 million students and educators/school staff in NA for holistic heart-centered development. Collaborate with school organizations to provide a platform for social, emotional, and mental wellness for the entire school community, namely, Teachers, Staff, Students, and Parents.
  • What are Heartfulness Program for Schools(HPS) Initiatives?
    Heartful Techniques: Self Care Sessions structured for Teachers. Heartful Activities: Periodic Ebooks content for teachers and facilitators in schools/organizations (Peace Day, Kindness Day, and Earth Day). Heartful Curriculum: HPS Curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Heartful Trainers: TTT Certification (8hrs) to conduct the Curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and High S, school Curriculum. Heartful Coaches: HPS Coach Certification to conduct certification training for Heartful Trainers.
  • How to partner with Heartful School, and how is the implementation supported?"
    A community member, parent, teacher, or school staff can reach out at and let us know if you want more information on how you could help your local school be a Heartful School. Ongoing support helps the members/volunteers of the Heartful Schools team to feel connected and supported.
  • Who is working on the team of Heartful Schools?
    A dedicated team of volunteers offers their expertise to raise awareness and heart-centered living for inner wellness and joy. The services and support volunteers extend to organizations serving youth five yrs-15 yrs and the school community, namely Teachers, Administrative Staff, Students, and Parents. With your support, we will have volunteers in each school in the USA.
  • How can I help to make my local school a Heartful School?
    Email us at, and we will invite you to a zoom meeting/meet in person to provide all the details about the various training programs offered to equip you with resources and support and answer any other questions that you may have.
  • How long does it take to be trained?
    You can choose based on your availability and the time commitment you would like to extend to this movement. Various options are available based on this. Email at and let us know if you want more information on how you could help your local school be a partner at Heartful School. Here are some options: Be a Heartful Ambassador: At this level, you can help build partnerships with local schools so they can benefit from the free offering of HPS Initiatives. Time Commitment: One time training: 2 hours Biweekly Support from 30 mins 1 hr a month with local School Be a certified Heartful Trainer (TTT certified): At this level, you can conduct activities from the content of the curriculum. Time Commitment One time training: 8 hrs Biweekly Support: 30 mins Weekly: 1 hrs or let us know your availability. Be a certified Heartful Coach (HPS Coach) : Time Commitment: up to 2-5 hours a week to support the certified trainers and participate in the Support forum.
  • Where is the team of Heartful Schools?
    Our team members come from North America and come together from different states.
  • Is it the same as mindfulness?
    Heartful Schools activities bring attention to heart-centered living with inner joy and calmness. This program is easily complemented by other SEL programs in schools.
  • My school has a mindfulness and SEL program. How will it benefit to be a partner with Heartful School?
    Heartful School training programs focus on techniques of heart-centered living for teachers and students. Students have activities that help them connect with the heart. Schools can embrace this program even if they have mindfulness or other SEL (Social- Emotional-Learning) programs.
  • What if children cannot sit through the relaxation sessions or close their eyes as suggested in the practices?
    The program intends to build up the concepts of heart-centered living through hands-on activities and activities with various offerings. Learning activities are engaging, guided, and easy to conduct.
  • How do I approach schools?
    Once you reach out to the team, we will train and share resources and strategies that we can try out to bring the training programs to schools.
  • Is there any cost or hidden costs associated with this program?
    All programs and training are free of cost. Volunteers are trained and certified to offer their services. There is an associated cost in the optional event of anyone wanting access to activity supplies, materials, workbooks, and journals. Workbooks and journals are available for purchase from the team. Supplies needed for recommended activities need to be purchased as required.
  • For volunteers:
    I want to help, but I don't want to conduct any activity. How can I help? You can participate as a Heartful School Ambassador. In this role, you can connect the Heartful School team and local schools with information about available opportunities with Heartful Schools. I don't have much time, but I like to help out/be part of this movement. What is the time level of commitment required? Depending on your available time and comfort level, we could work out participation for 2 hours a week/biweekly/monthly. So keep in touch and keep us posted about your activity. We have support forums to help you.
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