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Experience Heartfulness 

Meditation Videos

10-minute Guided Relaxation and Meditation

4-minute Guided Relaxation and Meditation

5-20 Minute Guided Relaxation and Meditation with gentle rain

Evening Rejuvenation Videos

Guided instructions for the Evening Rejuvenation / Cleaning exercise

5-minute Guided Evening Rejuvenation / Cleaning exercise


Relaxation Script

Meditation Script

Rejuvenation Script

Download the HeartsApp

A Heartfulness session is just a click away!
Connect with a certified trainer for a meditation session via our HeartsApp


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Join a local group meditation

Experience Heartfulness group meditation, ask questions, meet your local meditation trainers and other people in your community interested in meditation.

Click here to find the "HeartSpot" location nearest you

Become a Certified Heartfulness Champion

Share the Heartfulness meditation practice with others within your organization or community by becoming a certified Heartfulness champion. Speak with your Heartfulness presenter or trainer, and they will register you for your championship certification.  Click here to begin the Champion learning modules.

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