Heartfulness Program for Schools (HPS) 
Being my Brilliant Self with SEL

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Heartfulness Program for Schools is designated by CASEL as a recommended program for social and emotional learning. This program is designed to develop core competencies for the whole school community.

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Heartfulness Program for Schools has a significant impact on reducing stress and improving mental wellbeing in a Michigan Middle School

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A study shows that a Relaxation App (HeartBot) can be used to manage stress and improve positive characteristics of emotional well-being

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The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has been reviewing evidence-based SEL programs since 2003. HPS program meets CASEL’s Promising Program and is included in the CASEL Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs. The program met or exceeded most of CASEL’s criteria for high-quality SEL programming.

Heartful Schools

Heartfulness offers a rich variety of simple relaxation and meditation solutions to help us solve our problems and be the best we can possibly be. Whether a teacher or an administrator, a student of science or art we can all pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection.

Our programs are designed for all schools and focus on giving simple and practical techniques to nurture individual well-being and balanced living. 


Benefits of Heartful Schools

  1. Teachers and students will be better equipped to deal with everyday issues

  2. Develops a heart based, nurturing environment

  3. Less time spent on behavior management for students, more time for quality teaching

  4. Decision-making skills improve over time

  5. Promotes excellence, as most people learn to put their hearts into whatever they do 

  6. The school becomes a more cohesive unit


HPS is offered at no cost to schools and educational institutions across North America. The training and ongoing support are also offered for free for effective implementation.


HPS is creating a heart-based nurturing environment building social-emotional skills, positivity, and growth mindset for K-12 students across North America and in 140 countries worldwide. 


HPS offers free certificate programs for educators and staff across North America and worldwide to establish training and proficiency to be able to teach the Heartfulness Program for Schools (HPS) curriculum to K-12 students through three stages of Experience, Train, and Engage.


HPS is becoming part of several schools and school districts worldwide to enable its members to feel connected and collaborate with their peers to uncover their own Brilliant Self in a relaxed, compassionate, and  Positive  environment using Heartfulness  tools and techniques.

Mental Well-Being

HPS has shown evidence in improving well-being in students by seeing a significant improvement in feeling relaxed and in developing the ability in dealing with problems well in middle school students.


HPS has shown evidence to improve stress management skills by significantly decreasing levels of perceived stress and improving coping skills in middle and high school students.

Emotional Wellness

HPS has shown evidence in significantly improving positive characteristics of emotional wellness such as perseverance, optimism, and connectedness in high school students.


HPS has shown evidence to significantly decrease the perceived loneliness in high school students.

Programs for Students and Educators

Elementary School Students

​Workshop series includes:

  • Relaxation sessions

  • Knowing and facing emotions

  • Happiness

  • Fostering positivity

  • Sleep and rest well

  • Art of love

Middle School Students

Workshop series includes:

  • Relaxation sessions 

  • Self-observation journal writing

  • Tuning in to your heart to make decisions

  • Positivity: inside and outside, to build healthier relationships

  • Sleep and rest well

  • Art of silence

High School Students

Workshop series include:

  • Relaxation, rejuvenation and meditation series

  • Self-observation journal writing

  • Happiness Quotient

  • Importance of prioritizing

  • Becoming settled in your self

  • Positivity and co-existing with different personalities

  • Attitude and values that lead to excellence

Faculty and Administrators 

  • Relaxation and meditation sessions 

  • Learn to work more effectively and efficiently

  • Develop clarity in decision-making

  • Have increased empathy, tolerance and patience 

Parents and Caregivers 

  • Relaxation and meditation sessions 

  • Experience inner-balance while juggling the many demands of parenthood

  • Develop increased empathy, tolerance and patience with your children and loved ones

Train the Trainers

Heartfulness has coach and trainer programs that work with your school’s administrators, teachers and student volunteers to “train the trainers” to lead ongoing relaxation and meditation sessions

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Curriculum for Heartfulness Program for Schools (HPS)

Heartfulness program for schools focuses on relaxation, positivity and developing growth mindsets. The program is designed to build focused, inspired and balanced individuals by facilitating heart-centered self-development.

Our mission is to engage students in their own growth that brings emotional and social intelligence as well as confidence and balance through simple lesson plans. This is done through engaging activities to build emotional poise thereby nourishing empathy, compassion, and acceptance. The program offers simple steps to make individuals naturally feel positive, be creative and collaborate with their peers to uncover their own Brilliant Self. 

You can have access to the full K-12 curricula and learn about integrating Heartfulness approach by submitting your request here. You can also request brochure and reference letters from other schools to present to your stakeholders.

The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

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Heartfulness Institute is an official Certifying Organization (CO) for the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes, celebrates and holds up as role models for Americans making a positive impact as engaged and deeply committed volunteers.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes United States citizens and lawfully admitted, permanent residents of the United States who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period or cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime. Please click here for eligibility details 

Service hours can be accumulated on a variety of projects throughout the year. The PVSA is awarded annually at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. For many, earning one or more awards will be a noteworthy honor on future college or scholarship applications.  Please submit this form to log your volunteer hours with us.

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