Make a Donation (credit cards/debit cards/Bank ACH)

Share in the work of bringing peace, compassion, happiness, and harmony to people of all walks of life by providing financial support to Heartfulness Institute.

Donations of any size make it possible for us to change lives by teaching Heartfulness techniques. Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom are professionals, donate their time and talents and cover their own expenses. Your donation will support our programs in schools, universities, colleges, corporations, hospitals, and communities worldwide. All donations made are voluntary and are suggested to be made to the general fund of Heartfulness Institute. General funds are used for projects in areas of COVID 19 CARE, Environment, Animal shelter, Green initiatives, Positive lifestyle, and Sustainability initiatives, among others.

Donate by check

  1. Make the check(s) payable to: Heartfulness Institute

  2. Checks may be deposited at local branches of Bank of America or BB&T

    1. When depositing checks into Bank of America: Endorse them in the back by writing “For deposit only” and deposit into Account number: XXXX XXXX 2123

    2. When depositing checks into BB&T: Endorse them in the back by writing “For deposit only” and deposit into Account number: 000XXXXXX5446

  3. Upon collecting the check, please take a photo of the front of the check or scan the checks and email to

  4. To mail a check - You may send the check to:

Naren Kini (Treasurer - Heartfulness Institute)

San Ramon CA 94582

Donation receipts will be mailed to the donors whose address are on the check or emailed to the sender of the scan or per instructions received from event/meditation center coordinators.

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