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Who We Are
The Heartfulness Institute’s mission is simple: To offer all humanity a simple and effective set of practices for relaxation, meditation, regulating the mind, and building inner strength and attitudes to create a lasting sense of fulfillment and overall well-being. In a constantly changing world where a majority of our existence is geared towards meeting basic survival needs such as food, clothing and shelter, it can be difficult to pay heed to the underlying yearning for contentment and fulfillment that emanates from deep within our inner selves. A calling which, once heard, can empower us to incorporate a journey of inner evolution into our daily routines and eventually lead us to develop to our highest potential.
What is this for?
As a certified Heartfulness meditation facilitator, you are a vital part of our mission to elevate beings all over the world. A Champion, Coach or Trainer certificate offers opportunities for personal growth and for collaboration with other facilitators and partner organizations. We invite you to begin your journey towards becoming a facilitator through this online learning certification and joining the worldwide network of volunteers with a vision to spread serenity through simple, Heartful practices.   
Organizational background
Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 in the USA, with its independent counterparts in India, France and Denmark. The Institute has tens of thousands of volunteers, including thousands of trainers who support practitioners worldwide through their meditation journey. Heartfulness offers a scientific approach to propagate universal peace and harmony through yoga and meditation and is open to anyone from all secular and faith backgrounds.
The Heartfulness logo symbolizes one heart within another, within another, symbolizing many hearts coming together to create ripples and waves in the sea of humanity, triggering an egregore that will bring about a positive change in our collective consciousness.

The Heartfulness Movement

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