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International Conference on

Elevating Consciousness through Meditation

for Global Harmony

1-3 August, 2019


Alain Desvigne

The conference was a heart-blowing event co-organised by two outstanding institutions - IIM Bangalore and the Heartfulness Institute - both standing for excellence and both aiming at pushing the frontiers of knowledge. 
In a nutshell, this is my key takeaway: If we want to achieve global harmony for current and future generations, i.e. the core definition of sustainability, the need for a quantum shift of consciousness - here and now, is paramount. 
The fact that so many leaders came together from such a wide range of fields and from all over the world, each delivering thought-provoking presentations, while fostering an atmosphere of oneness, is extremely promising for the future. 
I do extend my heartfelt congratulations to the organisers for creating drops of hope in the ocean of life : NO DOUBT, these drops will create a tsunami in the educational and management fields, as well as beyond!


Rosalind Pearmain

"The conference really was a palpable taste of a new future emerging. Speakers presented expertise and discerning reflection from the disciplines and practice of science, spirituality, management, psychology and sustainability. Most powerful was the sense of harmony and heart that permeated the whole event. This is the aspect that still reverberates on for me and suggests a new field unfolding. Something more unified and dimensional is possible that can support us in our dire circumstances on this earth. It will keep resonating on in further connections and no doubt in a further event drawing many more into the gathering wave."


Sharat Hegde

"The IIM-B conference was a unique International Conference on Elevating Consciousness through Meditation for Global Harmony. It had participants from 15 countries comprising of researchers and practitioners from different faiths and professional backgrounds who came together to look at understanding the urgent need to elevate consciousness, the tools and techniques available, and the outcome from these tools and techniques.

The conference brought together wisdom and practical aspects for individual and organizational transformation. There is growing research on the positive impact of meditation, and several papers on Heartfulness Meditation were also presented in the conference. Many papers presented empirical evidence – some of these focused on the medical aspects, while others focused on stress and wellness indicators.

Daaji's mention to “solve that problem which will solve all”, reverberated the thoughts of many. It was good to see the conference progressing over the course of the three days from understanding the philosophical aspects and the goal of human life; then moving on to the research aspects; and on to the implementation aspects in organizations. Organizations and management schools can benefit immensely by understanding these aspects which are so fundamental to individual behaviour."


Prof. G. Balasubramanian

“By bringing together academicians and practitioners of different schools of meditation, both national and international, in the contexts of viewing meditation as an enabler of consciousness elevation and its impact on management, the conference generated several useful and relevant insights for managing the emerging future, both at the corporate level as well as at the global level for bringing about global harmony. The conference proceeding is a rich source of actionable alternatives and testable hypothesis for both managers and academicians. It is now the responsibility of academicians and managers to come together to carry this momentum forward.”


Hester O'Connor

"These days at the conference in IIMB Bangalore were a taste of the consciousness that we have been longing for, not only in the business world but globally too. I feel that we have the taste of the consciousness of the beauty and simplicity of the heart. The task now is to enliven and share what we have received with others in the moment to moment connections as we go about our busy lives."


Tushar Pradhan

"This attempt to cross polinate the idea of expanded consciousness into all practical fields of human endeavor was truly remarkable. It is indeed undeniable that today's challenges, be it the environment, business or politics are deeply influenced by human behavior. I truly believe that such thought leadership will permeate larger swathes of society and bring the true potential of the human existence to light leading to a better future for all on this planet."


Marilyn Cornelius

This conference was of the highest caliber in terms of people, science and discourse. It also demonstrated heart and soul in a way conferences rarely do. It affirmed my approach of using meditation as a practice of shifting consciousness to address not only individual challenges like stress but global ones too, like climate change. From behavioral and spiritual viewpoints, all we can control are our actions, which collectively, when led by the heart, can achieve global harmony. This is the priceless hope and motivation we can leverage to keep working to actualize what I call personal and planetary wellness. Onward!


Sophia Neghesti-Johnson

“This conference is revolutionary. The combination of the business world, associated scientific research, and meditative practices both enabled the attendees to ask important questions, and let us understand how invaluable a gathering this was. It is highly needed in the west as in the east and it is my hope every attendee will make it a priority to create action items from this conference, to further carry its globally beneficial impact.”


Prof. Ramnath Narayanswamy

"Few would dispute the fact that there is an invisible sense of order in the universe that underlies all the disorder that we witness around us in our daily life. There are occasions in our lives when we inexplicably experience the connection between that invisible order and worldly disorder. Experiencing that connection is the essence of spirituality.

The spiritual aspirant searches for ways and means to go in the direction of self revelation or self realisation. It is a journey to the inner world. It is not a search for knowledge as much as it is a search for truth. The search for knowledge belongs to the outer world whereas the search for truth belongs to the inner world.

Meditation is the search for reality. Reality is nothing but consciousness; it is that which holds the entire universe together. Meditation is the most effective vehicle known to humankind to experience that consciousness. The international conference on Elevating Consciousness through Meditation for Global Harmony is the first conscious attempt to explicitly locate the relationship between consciousness, meditation and management on the global agenda. Organised by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and the Heartfulness Institute between 1-3 August, 2019, it brought together an entire array of scholars, practitioners and policy makers to explore ways and means of integrating the role of consciousness in management. It is consciousness, for example, that must inform leadership development by helping leaders to consciously direct their higher energies in the direction of protecting the twin values of truth and righteousness in their efforts to create a sustainable future for our progeny. Over 40 papers were presented in this unique gathering and they will be published in three separate volumes that are slated to appear later this year. The first volume entitled 'Consciousness in Management' has already been published and distributed to participants on the first day of the conference. It is my sincere hope that this conference will mark a point of departure in the history of management practice by highlighting the importance of inner development for outer transformation."


Enrico Amiotti

"This conference will be recorded as a milestone for the development of human consciousness and will have unexpected ripple effects in the months and years to come. I think that each of us will find more insights as we go on in conversations with people we met there and in reading and sharing the conference material. We Heartfulness INSEADers are already thinking to 'export' it from Bangalore to Fontainebleau (France) next year for a western as well as eastern audience. It may result in a “BangaBleau" new school of conscious global economics."


Stanislas Lagujie

"A top-level conference where thought leaders from various fields, science, leadership, environment, government, civil society, education, etc. and from various places around the world, highlighted the urgency to change our individual and collective behaviors and systems in order to live in harmony. It is not only a need, but also an urgency for our own welfare but more importantly, of our future generations! The conference also emphasized on how to do it! Change cannot happen unless consciousness changes. A deep experience of simple and elegant heart-based meditation convinced many of us that a shift of consciousness is within the reach of one and all. To be continued!"


Dr Jayaram Thimmapuram

“My experience at the IIMB was wonderful! The coming together of two great institutions - Heartfulness and the IIM, with a common goal of elevating the consciousness of humanity through meditation is commendable. It was a unique conference of its kind that was based on a practical approach along with stimulating presentations. The keynote lectures, discussions and live meditation sessions were enlightening! I was very impressed with speakers coming from various continents with a common goal of betterment of the humanity. It offers hope for the future and I wish to see many more such events!”


Dr Bindu Kutty

The recently concluded three day international conference on ‘Elevating Consciousness through Meditation for Global Harmony’ was indeed a great learning experience and an eye opener for inner wisdom. The organisers deserve a grateful appreciation from all of us for having thought about a conference of this stature and executing it brilliantly. The conference was indeed an intellectual feast that gave us an opportunity to listen to speakers from different walks of life on the success stories of elevating human potential through meditation. It is amazing to know about the importance of tapping the immense potential of brain and mind for achieving greater aspects of consciousness and inner wisdom, purity, excellence, self-actualization, ethical leadership, emotion regulation, for social transformation, creating a nonviolent communication, fostering global sustainability, global well-being and world peace. My salutation to the visionaries of this conference who thought about providing all these aspects in a single conference. It is my hope that the entire humanity will be encouraged to embrace contemplative practices as a gateway for self-development as well as to foster global harmony and peace for future generations to come.


Swami Vedatitananda

"The conference on ‘Elevating Consciousness through Meditation for Global Harmony’ organised by Heartfulness Institute and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, has been an incredible exercise for more reasons than one. I was so glad to find so many good people thinking so deeply about the scourge of disharmony amongst us. As a great man once said, 'World peace begins in the heart of man', the ripples of peace that emanated from the three-day convention will gain strength and reach the ends of the world as huge waves, inundating all beings with peace & blessedness."


Prof. Sisir Roy

International conference on “Elevating Consciousness through Meditation for Global Harmony” opens up new vistas mainly in three directions. Firstly, meditation especially Heartfulness meditation seems to be very effective in stress relief and decision making among various categories of the people employed in different organizations. Secondly, the experiment related to cognitive enhancement for the school children by practising Heartfulness meditation appear to be very promising. Finally, the encouragement of Heartfulness Institute for neuro-scientific research on various type of meditation and characterizing its stages for global harmony and altruism is very much appreciable.


Dr Rahul Mehrotra

"The international conference jointly organised by two seemingly diverse organisations - the top management institute of the country (representing the material realm) and Heartfulness Institute, one of the finest and fastest growing spiritual movement of our times, held at the very serene campus, was a memorable experience. Listening to the very erudite speakers drawn from all possible streams (Business leadership, Spiritual Organisations, Medicine, Education, Social work, Quantum Physics, etc.) and experiencing the very subtle yet powerful yogic transmission from the Guide himself; was truly enriching. After witnessing a mind-boggling display by kids of the ‘Brighter Minds’ programme, I am convinced that the theme for the times to come is ‘expansion of consciousness’ and not artificial intelligence!"


Vasco Gaspar

"My heart is full, my mind feels expanded and my body is energized and still resonates with all the inspiration I've received in this conference. I feel that we humans as a species, need more spaces like this to learn from each other, to "cross-pollinate" our ideas, traditions and methodologies. My sincere wish is that this conference may grow, become even more inclusive to different areas of society and traditions, and expand to several places across the world, becoming a luminary for the human race to learn how can we all flourish together for the purpose of a Greater Good."

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