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Saturdays – 8 am

Dive Deep Within

What Is Heartfulness

Heartfulness is a simple heart-based meditation practice that fosters balance, peace and overall wellbeing. By tuning into the heart, we cultivate an inner knowing that joyfully guides our life.

The introductory practices include a relaxation exercise and a Heartfulness meditation. There are other core elements of the practice which support reaching the profound depths of meditation and achieving inner transformation.

There are no prerequisites to experience Heartfulness other than willingness. Heartfulness offers a scientific approach to the inner journey and is open to anyone from all backgrounds. 

Globally, Heartfulness is offered free of charge.



Our pioneering programs foster well-being in schools, businesses, hospitals and neighborhood communities.

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Learn the basics with Daaji, the global guide of Heartfulness from the comfort of your home.

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As we focus on the heart, we evolve from thinking to inner knowing, allowing the mind to relax.

Connect to Your Heart

Taking time each day to tune into our hearts, into our deepest self, gives us an opportunity to discover our true nature, connecting us with the whole of life

Expand Consciousness

The journey has just begun. Uncover the vastness of your inner potential.

Find Inner Guidance

Have you ever had those ah-ha moments? As we tune into ourselves, our intuition strengthens naturally.

My 30 Day Journey

“It is our collective intention and attention toward peace that will create peace. No individual can make it happen, otherwise it would have happened a long time ago.” – Daaji

My 30 Day Journey

Heartfulness is a simple practice of meditation that connects us with all the light and love in our hearts.

Reduce Stress

Heartfulness meditation is clinically proven to reduce stress and increase emotional wellbeing.

Attain Balance

As we connect to our inner selves, we are able find an anchor in the waves of our daily existence.



Dr. Michele Wagner, PA-C (Orthopedics)

Such a unique experience with diverse speakers and topics. I will be sure to spread the word. I already posted about this on social and had several contacts reach out with interest.

Dr. Peggy Kwun, MD (Psychiatry)

Great variety of interesting speakers. Appreciate keeping speakers on time. Great lunch! I now have a better understanding of how the practice of Heartfulness meditation differs from other meditation practices.

Dr. Anupama Mohanram - Nephrology - Indiana

As a Zoom participant, I felt included and appreciated the answers to my questions. I loved the variety of topics and the format; the list of references from each speaker.

Dr. Brenda Schlaen, MD (Family Medicine)

This conference gave me hope and a sense of excitement for the future of medicine. Inspiring speakers, full of studies, evidence-based medicine and knowledge. Thank you for taking your lifelong practice and interest and finding a place for it to heal and educate healers.

Dr. Lauren Towle - Emergency Medicine, Chicago, IL

Thank you, truly, for collating this amazing event. I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Punctual, professional, well-thought-out presentations from diverse angles. I really enjoyed having the guided meditations dispersed throughout the lectures.

Dr. Christine Bourgeois, DO (Family Medicine)

I loved each talk; I especially loved the guided Heartfulness meditation experiences. Please do this again next year. I liked the size and intimacy that made me feel comfortable and so connected.

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